The following links contain reproductions of past news articles featuring Robert Kanter:

Featured Articles:

Profile AVENUE MAGAZINE August 2013

Better Option? Instead of Killing Program Trading...: BARRON'S , November 1987

United States Senate: April 1988

Training the Electronic Trader: EUROMONEY , March 2000

Other Voices: BARRON'S , September 1999

Other Articles:

Market Watch: A sampling of advisory opinion: BARRON'S , August 1990

Defining the gray areas of prearranged trading: FUTURES , January 1989

The Temptation of Front-Running: INTERMARKET , October 1988

To the Editor : "Response to The Short End": BARRON'S , August 1988

Is Computerized Trading Meant for Everybody?: NEWSDAY , June 1988

Is 'front-running' a problem?: FUTURES , June 1988

Don't Ban Program Trading: BARRON'S , May 1988

The Striking Price: BARRON'S , March 1988

Up-Front Questions on Trading: Chicago Tribune , February 1988

Robert Kanter: Portfolio insurance for Individuals: FUTURES , January 1987