Wainscott AdvisorsRobert Kanter has been a highly successful trader, risk and money manager for 50 years.

After 15 years as a specialist in stocks on the floor, Robert formed R. Kanter Securities to trade stocks and stock options. As a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), he served on its Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Robert was also the founder and initial President of CBOE Market Maker Association.

From 1980 to 1990, Robert was Managing Partner of ARBCO, L.P., a trading and investment management firm specializing in stocks and options. During that time, he was the head trading adviser to the MEGA Fund, a hedge fund specializing in the active trading of securities.

After the 1987 stock market panic, Robert was asked by Senator William Proxmire to direct a hearing on market manipulation by the Senate Banking Committee. Additionally, he has been featured in several newspapers and magazines, and is the creator of a series of educational videos titled "The Art of Trading".

In 1992, Robert recognized the opportunities created by providing electronic access to individual traders for stock executions - thereby "bringing the floor upstairs". This development led to his creation of ETG where he remained an owner, CEO, and risk manager until 2003.

Since 2003, Robert has been a money manager and a registered investment advisor. His firm, Wainscott Advisors (www.wainscottadvisors.net), provides investment advisory services, and in particular, portfolio risk analysis.